A larger space to breathe.


I really love Tumblr, and I have been blogging there for almost three years. I always tell people that if they want to know about my whole life — be it the interests, dreams, frustrations, rants — they should just visit my Tumblr page. And all the necessary information about me can be found there. It’s like my online diary. A photo album, perhaps. HAHA.

But as time progresses, it becomes too “public.” I still enjoy browsing through my dashboard, but can’t seem to find the same contentment I had before. I am a blogger — at least to my own definition of it. And I want to have more out of something that’s only simple. I know I’m a little vague here, but you’ll soon understand as I go along my posts here.

One recent interesting thing that happened in my life is that, I am now a Christian. 19 years of upbringing as a Catholic, but I now decided to follow Jesus. It was a tough decision, giving yourself up for Someone you aren’t even sure exists. As for me, I don’t need to see Him for me to believe. Anyways, more of that later. Allow me to go back to the I-need-to-explain-myself-why-I-am-having-another-blog-when-I-already-have-one-to-show-ish sense of this first post of mine.

The bottomline is this: I need to have a place where I can put all my thoughts and updates of this NEW LIFE I’m having as a Christian. So more or less, you’ll find my very random notes, photos, songs, videos, etc. that speaks only of God’s grace. I am not a great writer/blogger. I just want to reach to people through His Word and in a way that I know I’m good at.

No one has promised me that my life will be easier just because I decided to accept Jesus. But word by word, sentences by sentences, I know I will have every single determined heart to inspire to impact(By the way, that’s the tagline of this crazy family I belong to called the THE ROCK CHURCH I will be sharing how amazing this church is soon.)

So yeah. I’m just becoming more and more inspired to blog away. But I have to catch some sleep first. Busy week ahead. 🙂

Always remember, you are blessed. And you are as important as I am in God’s eyes.

And oh, I’m Diana Valerio. A proud follower of Jesus Christ.


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