One simple decision that affects a lifetime.

Took this photo from KIDS ROCK (2.1212)

We all have our own reasons for every action we do, from reaching out for pancake ready-mix in the grocery, to being stupid, not to other people, but to yourself. As for me, and for any other 19-year old girls out there, the reason I now have Jesus in my life is because of LOVE. One failed romantic relationship leads me to a more wonderful and greater relationship with God. And now that’s one relationship one should be aspiring. Because God may hurt you in ways that you will NEVER imagine or expect. But I am definitely sure that He will never leave you.

To love someone without  expecting anything in return is not just any cheesy lines you hear from others. It is how the bible defines love. Now, let me ask you: Did Jesus think of getting himself die on the cross, and expect every living human body to follow Him? NO! He did that so that one day, we can walk past the heaven’s gate and see His Dad.

Love is the start and end of everything. But with Jesus Christ, it will not perish, it will not expire. Now that’s the kind of love you only need.


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