Just because it isn’t time, yet.

They said that when you want something so badly, you just have to pray and ask for it. I can bet all my stuffed toys only to prove that it is true. 25% of the time, I get what I asked for, 35%, I get a no, and the remaining 40% is that God is providing me of something better.

Every one of us came across the thought of having a partner who you want to be with until the rest of your days. As for me, I am just praying for one thing: that is that he is a Christian, too. Well, a friend has asked me why I want this. I wanna share you what I thought at that moment.

A christian knows how to love without expecting anything in return.Ā You may have a different understanding on this, but I mean it differently. You see, the issue in a relationship of who loves the other more has been “on air” even before the society actually had the idea of it. Love has obtained countless meanings and interpretations over the centuries, but it will always go to that one meaning it has two-thousand years back, “For God so loved the world, that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish and have an eternal life.” (John 3:16) So, I am not looking for someone who will exert all the effort he could grab and literally not expecting anything in return. What I meant with the first sentence of this paragraph is having someone who knows that loving a person is not about doing something sweet so that the other should do it, too. It is about doing what you think what will make him/her happy, and not getting tired of it.

A christian knows what is right from wrong.Ā On a personal experience, I had a lot of sins in the past. I did undesirable things, but still, I did it. I took God for granted by then, knowing that He will still forgive me even if I do those irresponsible things. Later on, I come to be ashamed of what I am doing. When you have the knowledge of Jesus’ sacrifice buried into your heart, there will be a tendency of becoming guilty even just thinking of something wrong. Now, I can’t stay angry to a person for a long period of time. I am becoming humble after every act of forgiveness. And I am learning to see what can be right from all that has been seen as wrong. With this, he and I will focus only what’s good. It is not easy, but it is worthy doing.

Lastly, a Christian has God in the center of it all.Ā At least I know that he loves Jesus more than me, or even more than himself. In that matter, we can give each other the right dosage of love, no more, no less, just right. I know that our world will not revolve each other. He knows how he will love me because he knows how much God loves him. We can grow together in the Body of Christ, and we can help each other in our fate of living our days for God’s Glory.

I may have thought of getting into another relationship just because I miss having someone with me. But the bible has taught me that I should wait. Women are made my God to be pursued, not to be one pursuing. All the things I have now, I prayed for it all before. There is no point in stopping what I have started.

One day, I will be writing again about my love story. But I just want to focus on Him now. You know what makes me confident about this whole love-relationship-finding-the-right-guy-for-me thing? It is because I am His daughter. And He would want only the best for me, and He will provide, all in His good time.


2 thoughts on “Just because it isn’t time, yet.

  1. “He makes all things beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 šŸ™‚ *hugs* happy waiting, knowing that waiting is worship. šŸ™‚

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