Thank God It’s Friday.

What does come into your mind when you hear this overrated line? Hangout? Clubs? Partying ’til you drop? Well, yeah. Maybe most of us has this stereotypical meaning to this, but as for me, two weeks ago, it changed. (Just a quick realization before I continue. Really, everyday has been a challenge for me. Not that I am complaining. It is just that, it has never been easy.)

During the summer break, despite the busy schedule caused by my OJT and Trigonometry class, I still find some time to go out with my friends. Thinking all week of where to go and what to do to “have fun.” This was also the time when I didn’t go to church because I feel so tired, or I don’t have anymore time to household chores and school works. I kind of had this habit until classes for this academic year started. Did I find contentment?

But two weeks ago, when I found out that Jem and Janice, block mates of mine, have been going to a youth service during Friday Nights, I asked them if I could tag-along, and of course, they agreed.

It was only once that I was able to attend a service of the Victory. So I was more excited. For this matter, it is the Victory U-Belt, and I am very happy to be part of Lifebox-UST now. :”> It is just very fulfilling to think that there are a lot of young people like me who gather to that one place to give Him praise.

Last night was my second night, and every week just gets better. You see, when we go to a concert, or any musical event of our favorite bands/singers, we can’t help but sing along with them. Right? We even stand from our seats and jump and shout just to show our support for them. So why not do the same for God? He is the greatest celebrity we will ever have. Their songs might relate to you–when your’re happy, when you’re brokenhearted, and the like–in short, we can find just anything that can support whatever emotion we have at any given moment. But remember, God has been there ALL YOUR LIFE. Why not turn to Him not only in times of need, but in every single day of your life? Besides, He was the One who gave all of these talents that we have. Amen?

Since Thursday of this week, I am looking forward to the service. And it didn’t disappoint me. Oh shut up, Daine! When did God disappoint you? There were times, yes. But all of those only made you stronger. Yes? I want to share all the things that were shared by Pastor Ryan, but I’ll just give you the bottom line. That you have to enjoy the days of your youth for God’s purpose. You don’t want to look back at your life in 20 or 30 years, and say that you didn’t find pleasure in them. You have a purpose, that’s why you are created. You are a part of God’s bigger picture.

We may have endless lists of wants. We may be also able to have some of it. But remember, trust in the Lord with all your heart, and you will never be astray. You have that one in a billion chance to have your life. Even if you don’t deserve it, Jesus believes that you are worthy of everything. You just have to understand that you will have all of it, at the right moment.


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