Lead me to the Cross.


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I just finished listening to last week’s podcast of Victory U-belt’s Bonus Track. It tackled about the song A thousand years by Christina Perri. But of course, it would not focus on it, but Pastor Ryan Tan shared more on the Cross.

One of things that Ptr. Ryan have said is this: The greatest expression of God’s love is the cross.

A couple of my friends have asked over the last few days if I have any news about Irvin. (For those who don’t know, he is my then-boyfriend.) I answered with all honesty. I said, “Nothing. I haven’t been talking to him, because he doesn’t want to.” Sounds bitter, eh? For all of you to know, and I think for some fairness, I have tried to reconnect to him countless times, but he said all the things that are necessary for us not to see each other once more. It was hurtful, yes. But I can’t seem to continue waiting for someone who in the first place isn’t willing to take one little step towards my direction.

So I ask myself, “What do I want to do with my life now?” And I am getting the same and exact answer each and every time: Focus with your established relationship with God. Agree with me or not, but once you committed yourself to do something, you will give your all just to see some great progress on it. Am I right? Just like with what I am doing now, I am doing everything just to know God more. I read the Bible more often, I talk to my new-found (not literally, but new because of this new heart that I have) friends about my faith, and I surround myself with people whom I know would and could help me accomplish this.

Which leads me to this another point in my life. Do you know the feeling when you are not really used to do something, but you need to do it because if you don’t, something will continue to hurt? I guess this is what sifting is all about. I am in this moment wherein the “unnecessary clutters” in my life are being removed because I don’t need to have an excess baggage as I continue walking down God’s path. There will be a lot of other impediments, and one, small purse won’t be necessary for me to go on.

But once you are on the process of doing what was established, you seem to get tired, don’t you? No man doesn’t get tired, and no man hasn’t reached his or her patience’s end of the line. Well if this doesn’t apply to you, I assume you haven’t given your ALL to that one thing you want most in all your life. But come to think of this: Has God given up on you? The fact that you are reading this post; the fact that you are still awake, watching that series you can’t take your eyes off; the fact that you have the ear to listen to that one song that has captured your attention; the fact that you spent the night thinking of the words you’ll say to the one you admire once you see him/her once more; and the fact that you still live, is just God’s way of telling you He will never, EVER, give up on you. Going back two thousand years, God made that one promise of eternity when His will included sacrificing His Son’s life for you. Now, isn’t that one unconditional and unfailing love?

We live, we love, we get hurt, we stand once more. Then repeat process. But a life lived with God in the center will be the greatest one you’ll have in your life. Why commit yourself to someone who isn’t perfect, when you can have a wider and better understanding with your purpose with the One who created it all?

Cross. It’s only a five-letter word to some, but for me, as a Christian, it will be my constant reminder of why I live, and why I have chosen to live the rest of my days for Him.


3 thoughts on “Lead me to the Cross.

  1. Thank you for the post! I rejoice in the fact that God never gives up on us. Even when we turn away and aren’t seeking his face, he is there and waiting for us to see him. It’s so great! Be blessed as you continue on your journey!


    • Hello Anna! It always feels good to know that there are a lot of other people who humbly seek of God’s love. And that is among my reasons to continue living for His will. God bless you!

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