I lay down my life for You.

When was the last time you’ve actually stepped back and take a look at your life and check if everything was going according to plan?

Earlier this day, I was with my thesis mates. We were supposed to administer our tests in a nearby school, but because of reasons, we were not able to accomplish it. So we chose to just stay in our home, have lunch, and have some Kokology session.

The first that we took was that of the Shape Preference. I was shown with five different shapes, and I was instructed to arrange it according to my preference. I will try to explain the interpretation of that one aspect that struck me. Can you guess what is it?

I think you guessed right.

It’s the cross. I know in my previous post, I have expressed what I feel and think about this, but I think God has made a way to show me that He acknowledges this faith I have.

Among the five shapes, I chose this one as my first preference. I can’t remember my reason for doing so, but it appealed to me the most compared to rectangle, circle, triangle, and a 3-curved line. Setting aside the other shape’s interpretation, I will focus to this one.

According to the “shapes,” my present is full of ambition to establish my ideal future of having better relationships (in general) in my life. Now, this present aspect of my life and the ideal future  are linked by my wholeness. You still with me so far? Good.

Did you get it? The only relationship that I thought of at that moment is my relationship with God. I know that I have already mentioned it countless times, and I don’t care if I have to for another numerous-times. People laugh at me whenever I say, “Sabi ni God wag daw muna eh,” or “Ayoko. Kasi hindi pa time sabi Niya.” I don’t know what’s funny or it still stays true that it is inevitable for Christians to be ridiculed. One thing I’ve learned from Pastor Rodney is this: “Just show them what a real Christian is.

It ain’t easy to do. Imagine you giving your best effort of what outfit to wear for the day, then you walk on the streets, proud of what you’ve come up. And then suddenly, a person or two will call on you just to say you have the ugliest ensemble of clothes. What would you feel? Devastated? Angry? Maybe, for a minute or two. But you will then let go of the feeling, smile at the mean person, and happily thank him/her for the comment given. You will continue to walk until you reach your destination, and found these people who actually knows the distinction of cerulean from cerulean frost.

Just what like happens to me in everyday basis. I hear snide comments from people I least expect, I feel bad for it, but I shake it off, walk proud and tall, because at the end of the day, no matter what happens, I have my God to talk and turn to.

So, there is nothing questionable with laying your life to someone who can rightly tell what is good for you. This is hard for someone who is stubborn, and who wants to get all the things she wants in whatever way it takes. But I have let all my life  to unfold in His hands. At the first place, who have brought me to this world?


4 thoughts on “I lay down my life for You.

  1. I feel for you. Sometimes, people just don’t get it. Whenever you rely your decision on God, often times you’ll get a funny face from them.

    • Well, there’s a reason we are chosen to be followers of Christ. It is because we are strong, and we can withhold and withstand whatever they throw upon us. Remember, God doesn’t give us anything we can’t go through. 🙂 He believes in us, BIG TIME. 🙂

      • Yes, that’s the least thing we can do yet the biggest inspiration we have to always look back. 🙂 Agree. Agree. God bless!

  2. Yes! I experienced that this past few days. I always trust Him and worshiping Him in everything that I do. I am a believer, proud Christian and I know God will never leave me/us. Praise Him. 🙂

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