James 1:20

“For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”

It is not right to be angry at someone who you have that much respect and love, but sometimes, you can’t just control it because of your emotions.

I have been used to not focusing on the things that may only make me feel sad. I just don’t see the reason to dwell in it. I mean, I will gain nothing. So I am fixing my eyes on something that will let me to be me.

I deserve to be happy. Who doesn’t? It just sometimes aches me that the people you expect to support you on that something that you badly want, are the ones who are pulling you down. It’s just sad.

I have been stubborn all my life. I stick to things that I think are worthy. But now, God only knows if I have the right things at the right moment. I am still praying for all of these.

Why is it hard to wait and obey? 😦


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