Because I deserve to love as much as you deserve to live.

Abandoned blog is abandoned. HAHA. Kidding.

So how are you guys doing? A lot of things have happened for the last few weeks, and I was overwhelmed, I don’t know how to react. ๐Ÿ˜€ My apologies for not updating this blog. It’s just that so much is really going on.

First on the list, THESIS. Yes. I’m a college senior, and we are writing our paper now. I’m proud to say that we are 50% done, so hooray to my thesis mates! Our defense will be on December, so help us to pray for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next, I lack sleep, as in literally, because of reasons. HAHA. Over the weeks, I think, I only have two or three nights that I actually slept at least 8 hours. Yes, weekends are not accounted for because of homeworks and thesis (again). I know this is a lame excuse, but whenever I try to blog about some things, I can’t manage to finish it because next thing I know, it’s already morning. I dozed off. If I can have 3-5 days of nothingness, I will surely sleep and sleep, and sleep.

Lastly, I turned 20 last September 1. (Hooray! Birthdays!) Yes, I am now into adulthood, not anymore a part of those “teens.” But, I’ll always have this child in me who laughs when watching Spongebob Squarepants, and literally freaks out when seeing some cotton candy.

(L-R: Jeb, Daine, Gerine, Kuya Vincent,Ate Ka-te, Kuya Vic)

I invited these very wonderful people in our home for some small gathering. I was very happy for they all made it that night. โค Food, endless chats, and certainly good laughs: it was a very awesome day. You can’t even imagine what these people did that made an impact into my life. I LOVE THEM TO BITS!

I feel very happy. I even told myself, “Bawing-bawi ako sa birthday ko. Last year kasi, hind ako masaya.”ย That was true. Last year, I didn’t care much about this particular day, and let’s just leave to history whatever the reasons were. :)) What matters now is that I am very much overwhelmed with all of what’s happening.

I can proudly say that I am doing a job well done when it comes to giving surprises to other people. But I am not used to receive one.

These were delivered to our doorstep the other day. This is actually the first time that I receive such “gifts.”

To you:ย Thank you, lots. You have no idea of how you turned my special day to be this extraordinary. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m lost in my thoughts now. Writer’s block. HAHA. But, I will just say one last thing before I end this post.

God loves me. He truly does. Please don’t judge when I say this, but He truly knows the desires of my heart. I will be honest that there are times that I am not able to pray and give thanks, but He still gives me of what I want. Seriously, be it in my grades in my courses, or the part of actually having someone to serve as an inspiration. I can’t thank Him enough for all the things that He has done in my life. And yes, I am not worthy, but I deserve all of these because I love Him.


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