One of my favorite things in today’s event.

WOW. Just, wow.

The ROCK CHURCH (RC) sure knows how to rock the house.  Today is RC’s 3rd year anniversary, and I swear, I felt like I have attended a rock concert, not a church celebration.

I woke up at around 7 this morning. My call time was 8 AM. I rushed on my way to St. Giles Hotel because of an important part of the documentary. I felt relieved upon seeing the 3rd floor has not been set up, yet. So I immediately took hold of my camera and started clicking away. Only a few minutes have passed when people started coming, and get on their particular tasks. I was there the whole day, so I actually witnessed the day’s start to finish.

I don’t want to go into much detail about what happened (because that would be the purpose of the videos and photos, which are to be uploaded SOON), but on our way home, I really appreciated everyone’s effort. From the technical “duo”, to the band, to the worship team, to the Kids Rock coaches, to the volunteers, and to our beloved pastor, Ptr. Rodney Garcia. I personally see their routine every week, but today, I saw something that has leveled up, one hundred times. (No exaggeration here.)

I thought that the tech team are just putting into place the speakers, the projector, and all other stuff that I don’t know what it’s called. They are like walking around the place, checking if the sound system is in its superb state. The band: plucking their guitars, thumping with the drums, playing the piano. I am a frustrated musician, so I am in awe whenever they play. HANDS DOWN. The worship team: they are just getting better and better as time passes by. I am a frustrated singer, too. So I don’t really know where those voices come from. The Kids Rock coaches: your patience! The kids are running and screaming, yet, you have been able to calm them down. It’s very refreshing and inspiring to know that these kids know who Jesus is. The volunteers: we are roaming around, attending to our own duties. If you would stay still in one spot and would just watch us walking and running, you’d get dizzy. Ptr. Rodney: DO YOU RUN OUT OF ENERGY? I’m not really sure, but I am very proud to have a pastor who always does the Oppa Gangnam Style before the service start.

But above everything and everyone else, I am very much thankful, well of course, to no other than our God. We are all doing this because of what He did on the cross, and we are just bringing back the glory to Him. You know what, you may have achievements that are well-deserved just because you’ve worked hard for it. But nothing compared to acts that are done for the Lord. You know why? (Ask me why) Because everything that we do is exemplary in the eyes of God. Even just this blog post, I know, it’s very much appreciated in His kingdom.

I wish you were there with us as we celebrated this RC’s milestone, so you will have a clearer idea of what I witnessed. Well, you can always drop by at the St. Giles Hotel, every Sunday, 10 AM or 2 PM service, and see what I have been talking about. I never blog about something that is only made up. I always share real-life experiences. Join us one time, and see how God will move in your life.

For more information, visit you will know how we do things at RC.


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