He surely knows how to love me.

As a psychology major, whenever times come that I cry just because I need to release the heaviness of what I am feeling, I am “recalling” the emotions I have felt so that I can know which one has triggered the urge to cry. You know that moment when you really have that train of thoughts that would lead you to one thing and another, and next thing you know, your eyes hurt because of too much crying. Then, you’ll step back and look at the picture of thoughts and memories and dreams and frustrations you’ve created, and you’ll be able to define at which point you had the moment of trigger. But earlier this evening, at Day 2 of Convergence 2012, I never thought that I will be able to consistently cry for 15 minutes.

As hard as I tried to think and think of what I may have thought for me to cry that hard, nothing came to mind. I guess, God’s embrace have empowered me at the very moment I cried and shouted, “Lord, I am your child. I am your daughter.” You know, there are just some things in life you will not be able to explain even though you have every evidence to support your stand.

And this is what Day 2 of Convergence 2012 did to our eyes.

Jeb and I
Jeb, I, Grace

Two days left for the Convergence 2012, and I am excited for what God will do.

This is more than a personal testimony of how God moves in my life. I may not be able to relay the exact message of the Lord, but I guess it’s time to ask yourselves why you aren’t in church. This generation has a lot of potential to save thousands, even millions of souls, only by just doing the things that we are most passionate about, and putting Jesus at the center of everything you do.

I am aspiring that every post I write about the Lord will be read by a lot of people. That’s the very reason why I continue to blog. And I won’t stop until every soul is saved. I know it’s a big challenge to turn into a reality, but who knows? One post can save one soul at a time, right?



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