Christmas Rocks: Year 3

As of today, there are only 51 days left before Christmas. And as a really big fan of this very special season, I am really excited as the Christmas lights are brightening the streets and sparkling decorations are seen left and right. Who else are ecstatic for Christmas? Let me see a raise of hands!!!

Last year, I attended CHRISTMAS ROCKS of THE ROCK CHURCH. I didn’t have any idea on what will happen, I just knew that there would be a party and that I would be taking care of a kid all throughout the duration of the event. But no. I have been moved a hundred folds. It is true, what they said that you think you are going to bless the kids, but actually, you are the one who will be blessed.

Janice and I

So this is my adoptee, Janice. She is very sweet and I learned a lot from her. Before the party started, I approached her and we had some time talking about different things. Being the 12-year old that she was, I have a high respect towards her since she has a strong determination to achieve her dreams. And her reason of it: “Andyan naman po si God eh.” That gave me a new perspective in life. If a little girl doesn’t run out of hope for her aspirations, what more of a grown-up who is given opportunities to live out her dreams? Even just for a few hours, I’ve grown to love this kid. And I look forward to the day that I will see her once more, even more successful than I will be.

These are just my experiences and realizations. I know that in every person’s heart, there is that longing to help others. So, this year, the ROCK CHURCH will be holding the third run of CHRISTMAS ROCKS.

You can be a part of Christmas Rocks in 3 ways:

  1. Be a Sponsor – A sponsor is an individual/group of people/block mates/office mates/a department who will provide goods and services for the kid, his/her family, and the party itself. You may give food, grocery items, clothes, shoes, school supplies, books, toys, and the like, that will be good for 30 children. If you are going to give toys, make sure that it would not represent any form of violence (e.g. guns, swords) Also, if you are going to provide grocery items (e.g. canned goods, milk, noche buena package), make sure that it will be sufficient for 30 families. Because it is not only the kid that we are going to bless, but also their families. All the goods that will be accumulated will be placed in the “loot baggages” that the kids will bring home. You can also sponsor party services such as magicians, face paint, photobooth, ice cream carts, etc. You may also help financially. The total amount of money to be accumulated will be used for the other expenses in the party.
  2. Be an Adopter. I have experienced being one, and I tell you, it is super fun! The adopter will be the “ate or kuya” of the child during the party. He or she will also accompany his/her adoptee in the games, and other activities. The adopter will purchase a ticket for himself/herself and the kid. It will serve as their pass in the party, for it is inclusive of the food, both for the adopter and the adoptee. If you will adopt, you will have a chance to look at the profiles of the children, so you will have an idea of their age, gender, grade level, and other personal information. Through this, at least you will know what gift to give to the kid. It can be anything, as long as it will be useful.
  3. Help us to look for sponsors. If you know some people or organizations who can sponsor the aforementioned concerns, and who wants to be involved in reaching out to others, please let us know. We need all the help we can get. You can comment on this blog post, or contact THE ROCK CHURCH.

You can watch this music video for you to have an idea on what happened on last year’s Christmas Rocks.

For more informations, visit CHRISTMAS ROCKS.

Be a blessing to someone today. And inspire others through your story that will impact minds and hearts, Christmas rocks style.



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