In a matter of days, January will soon reach its last day for 2013 and we are on for a new month. We were all hyped and excited about the things this year have in store for us. We made long lists of New Year’s resolution, told yourself that you will have evening runs which turned into evening movie marathons, promised that you will be better, wiser, stronger, etc, etc, etc.  You may think that this might be too early, but I want to ask you: How long have you gone through your list? Do your boxes have ticks in them already? What are the things you did for you to perform each compromise?

At THE ROCK CHURCH, we do things differently. Our Lead Pastor Rodney Garcia always asks us, “Who wants to be blessed?” A numerous raise of hands answers to this. But we always have the hang up after he follows up a question like this: But are you ready? This church believes that every one of us has an out pour of blessings that will be coming from the Lord; and we’ve got to be prepared.

So to help us with this one step of faith, we had our series called, “Greater.” In all Sundays of January, personally, I learned so much of obedience, patience, and trust.


The first week was all about burning the plows. Basically, this series revolved around Elisha. He was the perfect example for the month’s series. Elisha literally burned all that he has when Elijah summoned upon him and made him his servant. (1 Kings 19:19-21) The following week was for digging ditches. Jehoshaphat showed his deepest faith on the word of the Lord that he was the one who thought of asking from a man of God, Elisha, for wisdom (2 Kings 3:9-20). And last week was about striking the water. After Elijah was gone, Elisha inherited a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. When Elisha called out for what he’s been told as “Elijah’s God,” he struck the water of Jordan river, it divided into the right and left, and he crossed over (2 Kings 2:9-15). For the last Sunday, it was unleashing greatness. In 2 Kings 4:1-7, a widow’s small jar of olive oil saved her and her sons from the ire of the creditor.

Burn. Dig. Strike. Greater. Four mere words. But will definitely impact my being all my life.

In a more personal experience of this journey, I was doubtful at first if I can give up certain things that I dearly hold on to. It’s not a mystery from everybody that I have been longing for a special someone. I have been open about it, sharing my every thought and emotion from it. But you know what, our God is really a jealous God. Thinking back, I have broken more promises than I could have imagine, just because I want to be in tune of the world’s definition of being complete. I was praying for a certain thing, yet, I don’t do anything to for me to have that. All the while, I thought I can just do whatever I want, then God can do His thing. Well, I realized, it doesn’t work that way. I once said I commit my life to the Lord. I once promised that I will do everything for His glory. So I am taking a step of faith towards my greatness.

I don’t know at first what are the plows I need to burn. I was the kind of person who holds on to something I worked hard for. I trust my own judgment that if I exerted effort on it, it’s worth it. But God works in ways that are unknown to me. All I know is that He only wants what will be good for my being. He shows me things that are beyond the capacity of my faith to handle. That’s why everyday, God is providing me revelations after revelations, but I fail to grasp them in my heart for I have this darkness inside that no lamp can ever lighten. That’s when I knew what are the things I need to let go; who are the people I need to distance myself from; what are the habits I need to break. I am telling you, it’s very hard. Not to mention, very painful, too. However, if my God surely keeps His promises, then I will trust Him that He knows me more than I know myself. He promised. I know He will stay true to that.

We are all giddy to start with something that we are more than willing to pursue. We have it all planned out. Day in and day out, it’s all about we want to do, but given the nature of people, we look for immediate results. We hurry to the finish line, that’s why we stumble along the way. Until a great need arises that we become desperate and decided to turn to the Lord. Now, how many times in your life that you did this?

We see God as our shortcut when actually, He is our only solution. We are blinded by our own judgment and pride that we can get through anything without any help, when your wisdom and strength come solely from Him. It is not bad to ask help from God. But it’s only a good thing if it leads to grater dependency upon Him. As for me, I was once a worrier. I was afraid that things might not go the way I planned to because I was ruled by a weak heart. When I learned to surrender all my problems and wearies to the Lord, I have this indescribable comfort that envelopes me from within. He told me a certain command that I was hesitant to do. Then, I thought, if that’s what it takes for me to become closer to God, then I will take it.

I am looking forward to the time when I can finally strike the water very hard that all the earth will feel the waves. I know in my heart that God wants me to have a life that will reflect how awesome He is. I have this fire within me that can’t wait to spread out, and leave it blazing all throughout the places where darkness rules. I want everyone to have that peace that God is in control, that God wants nothing but the greatest things that He can give to us, and that God is that fire that no amount of water can ever put out.

Even if you have the most insignificant jar of olive oil in your kitchen, or a room that cannot house at least three persons, it doesn’t matter. When you openly and willingly give to the Lord even the shortest of candle that you have, He will light it and guide your walk with Him as long as your huge amount of faith serves as your string.

I challenge not only myself, but also everyone else to take a step back and take a look on how your life is going. Are you taking the right route? How many detours have you taken in hope to get to your destination the fastest? Do you have enough fuel to keep running?

You can have a greater life as long as you keep in mind to do everything, God’s way.


As of this writing, I still have this as my mobile’s home screen wallpaper. It serves as my reminder that I’m on my way to greatness every time I feel like reverting. 😀



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