Temple Run and God’s plan.

When you tripped, you can always try again.

I just had this realization while playing Temple Run. I get frustrated every time the game ends, thinking that if only I paid more attention, or be more keen on whether I should turn left, right, jump, or slide, I could have beaten my high score. Not only that. There are also these creatures that are running after your character. I don’t like how they look like. Heehee.

Anyway, I had associated these elements into real life. The character is you; the creatures chasing you are your unwanted memories or painful past; and the one playing is God.

It is not that God plays upon us. It is just that He is control of our lives. He says when to jump, to turn left or right, and to slide. He knows our path. All that we have to do is obey. We do not need to worry about the “ghosts” of the past if we just continue to run and to trust in the Lord.


If the game ends, or if you get tripped more than a couple of times, you can always run again.


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