I just wonder…

If I had lived before the time that Jesus came, if I had walked the streets of Sodom, if I had been slaved by the pharaohs of Egypt, will I have the same faith as His people had? Will I be as obedient as Abraham to sacrifice my own son (Genesis 22:9)? Will I listen to the angel of the Lord as Moses did as it flamed on that bush (Exodus 3:2)? Will I be as brave as Joshua to take down Jericho (Joshua 6)?

I have always wondered. If I am alive during those times, would I have the same faith as they had? Would I be worthy to be saved? Would I still be chosen?

Sure, I would love to know the answers to these. But I am more interested to this one question that will affect my today and forever: Will you give your everything to Jesus for you to go to the Father?

My response: I just intend to spend my living days to live for God’s glory. I may not be worthy, but Jesus already paved my way to eternity. I have my faith; a faith that will grow everyday, until the time comes God commands me to part the waters of my own Red Sea.

I am just thankful that I am chosen. For now, I am glad I am saved. Tomorrow will come. But I will not fear; FOR GOD IS WITH US.


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