Psychotically psychotic.

I was often asked of why I took up B.S. Psychology. And I always gave the same answer: I want to work in Human Resources. It seems shallow, but I can’t think of any other reason.

When I was five years old, I wanted to be a nurse. During grade school, I had this insane interest in sciences and computers that’s why I considered taking up Computer Science. (Yes, I know. It’s very funny.) Came high school and it seemed that every plan for college just disappeared for I was preoccuppied with the time and effort that a Science High School demanded. Preparations only resumed during 4th year HS. By that time, I was not sure of what course to take up.

I can’t take up any Engineering course, for formulas and any-other-things-I-don’t-know would kill me. Accountancy, another no-go for I had a fear that I won’t be able to pass the board exam. Fine Arts, Architecture, uh no. A five-year old child draws better than I do. Business course, I just don’t have any interest in it. So, I have crossed out every single possible course there is, until Psychology appealed to me.

If my memory serves me right, it was my cousin who suggested this Psychology-thingy, for it was her dream course. I didn’t have any idea about it at that time, but she assured me of one thing: I will be able to work in an office. I grew up with my mom taking me to their office during weekends and I became fond of the paper shredder machine and the stamp pads and the electric sharpener. (Random trivia: I would enjoy shopping for office supplies more than shopping for clothes and shoes.)

I took admission tests in three universities. One of them is UST. (Duh, obviously.) I took the test in University A some time August. In University B, in November. And in UST, December. So it went like this.

University A is dubbed as “Dream University” of every student. I can’t argue with that for it was one of the reasons why I had my hopes up that I will pass the test.

My parents considered University B because it is near our home. I actually passed the test there. I was even offered a scholarship. But I didn’t tell my parents about that part. Shhh! I just didn’t want to study there.

I was discouraged by my Dad to study in UST. First, financial reasons. Second, it is far from home. But I told them that I only wanted to try if I will pass. Just try. I applied for B.S. Psychology for 1st choice, and B.S. Computer Science for 2nd choice.

To cut the story short, by January, UST released the test results and I PASSED! Both choices! I passed! I was so happy that I even wished to fail the University A entrance test. And yeap. I did not get in for I was below the quota it had. And fast forward to today, I am now a Thomasian Psychology graduate. Boom.

I had this post going so I am sure I am jumping from one thought to another. But what I really wanted to share to you guys is that I just got hired by Ericsson Telecommunications as one of their Organizational Management Coordinators. So, yay! Leaving the bum life now! But I’m sure I will miss it big time.


Anyway, I’m very excited to start working. But I’m more hyped on how God will use me in that work place. I am anticipating of how I can glorify His name. I am expectant for what He will reveal to me over time. I know that this company is the one God picked out for me.

So, there. Thank you for keeping up with this post. Much appreciated if you are still reading up to this point. XD Sending much love and a big hug!


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