Of wisdom and extraction.


Oh, it’s been so long since the last time I’ve blogged. Heehee. I have these excuses that I, myself, would not accept. LOL.

Anyway, how are you? How are things?

With me, well, I have a scheduled wisdom teeth extraction on Friday, January 31. Yes. You read that right. Teeth. Two wisdom teeth will be pulled out. And I’m scared. Not only on how painful it’s gonna be. But also on the fact that it rummaged my finances. *sigh*

You know what? This is but a lesson God is trying to teach me. How did I know? Simple. I have been saving up for the training I’m going to attend by April. The amount that I told myself that’s going to be kept is the exact amount I’m going to pay for the extraction. Literally the exact amount. So, what’s in there?

I’m limiting what my God can do with almost about everything. I’m saving up for the training because I want to prove to myself that I can do it, that I can control the impulse purchases. In that brief moment, pride got in. At some point, I’m stopping the chance that others could bless me.

It’s God. It’s always been God. My strength comes from Him. My comfort, joy, and peace flow freely from His heart to mine. I can’t claim that “I” can do it. Because our everyday living is but a supernatural moment. The natural is with humans; the super is care of God.

You see, I’ve said on the first part of this post that it’s “my finances.” Nope, it’s God’s. I’m reminded that I’m just taking care of what are rightfully His.

May you please include me in your prayers? I’m nervous about the operation. Err, it’s just minor, I know. But it’s the first one I’m going to have in my 21 years of existence. *eeks*

Can you see how we can glorify God, even with wisdom tooth extraction? Amazing.

Thank youuu! Sending this flying hug! Maybe you need one. 🙂

God bless you!


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