Relationships are not for kids. You shouldn’t be in one unless you can handle it as an adult. Relationships require a lot of hard work. It isn’t just for fun. Not always for “kilig.”

Relationships are no joke. You dont get into one just because the other person likes you very much. It isn’t something you just get because your friends have it, too. It isn’t something that is beneficial to you, in a certain season of your life.

Relationships are not for the faint of hearts. You slay the giants together. You pray without ceasing; until the oceans are split for you to walk right through it. You look at the person as the most loved — beyond the pain, frustration, desperation, and tears — even if your own emotions tell you to hate the other half.

You can’t do it on your own. And you can’t be so sure about these things without the utmost guidance from the Lord. He knows what is right for you. He knows who is the best person for you. He knows everything about your life. So, rest in the assurance that in His hands, everything is worth the wait.

I can go all night talking about these things. Being in love and being loved are beautiful things. It’s just that, having it in the perfect season makes it more beautiful. I have gone through so much for me to be able to say these things. But, beyond everything, I have come to learn that the most beautiful love is that of the Father’s. Be crazy in His love first. Then everything else will follow.


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