United Prayer Rising 2016


It was during a JREV Night after the Nazarite Training in 2014. I have previously said that I didn’t have the heart for the nations, yet. 

I think God heard me right then and there. So, when we prayed, I have asked for a nation. And He gave me, KOREA.

Back then, the only idea I had with Korea are the TV shows dubbed into Filipino, and their famous Kimchi, which became one my favorites. I didn’t know about the DMZ border. I didn’t know that there is “North” and “South” Korea. I didn’t know anything about this nation. But God told me I’m going. 

Do you know that feeling about not having your heart into doing a task? That’s how I felt. I didn’t feel any connection to Korea. Maybe it’s the reason that the “desire for the nations” faded away. Until one time, I was prayed for and I’ve been told, “God wants to remind you that He is still working on the prayers you don’t even pray for anymore.” (I will be honest that at first, I thought it was for another thing. I would like to believe that God meant it for something greater.)

I can share other instances where God met me and told me, “I have Korea for you.” I tried to run. To run away from the responsibilities. To throw away my inheritance. But God is always persistent. He didn’t force me to this. He just reminded me of who I am and whose I am. Next thing I know, I found myself running back to Him and asking, “What to do now, Father?”

And that, my friends, is why I’m going to Korea this July. I will be among all the DAVIDS from around the world to engage in the battle on our knees. I will join the thousands who will worship, fast, and pray for the unification of North and South Korea. I will join the United Prayer Rising.

Would you love to join us? Message me. 🙂