January 2016

Time flies so fast when you’re having fun.
But I say, it can also get by so fast when you have plenty on your hands.

Hello. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did try to have a 2015 year-ender post. However, I cannot seem to find the exact words to explain how my 2015 went. Everything went on a blur and I got lost in my own whirlwinds of all sorts.

Anyway, can you believe it that we’re already one month down of 2016? That’s crazy! I have planned so many things — to travel to a lot of places, if I may say — that I am sort of panicking on how to go about all of it, considering the responsibilities that are there and the priorities that I need to stick to.

Still, I am not complaining. I love how my life is right now. And to be really honest, I’ve never been this happy in my 23 years of existence.

I’d want to detail out how my January went. The problem is, I cannot seem to remember intricate details now as I did before. (Maybe some trick I made my mind to get used to HAHA please don’t tell my brain.) Instead, I will share two of my highlights from this beautiful month.

KINGDOM INVASION (KI) 2016 — January 12-16


I waited for this trip for three months. Initially, a friend and I were planning to go to Baguio and visit our happily place. When we asked our other friends if they wanted to join us, an ate of mine did mention about this conference — in Singapore. Crazy, right? From Baguio to Singapore. From a bus ride to an airplane ride. Things escalated quickly. LOL. I did some research about this Kingdom Invasion, and really, I cried when I watched the summary video of the previous conferences. I wanted to go. However, doubts came crashing in, and mainly, my top-of-the-list question was, “How can I financially provide for this trip?”

Prior to registering, we were challenged to base our faith (regarding the trip) on God’s word. And so, I did. I can remember that I was in one of our Saturday small group fellowships when God revealed His confirmation of me going to KI2016. It was John 15:1-17. It was during that time that I saw “pruning” as one of God’s way to love me. I am being pruned not for the sake of being pruned. I am going through the process of pruning so that I can bear much fruits. God impressed to me that going to the conference is one of the places I need to go to so there, I could be pruned. In there, I could receive so much. And I did. I really did.

A few days before the trip, I was talking to a sister-in-Christ on how excited we were for the trip. We both had this weird feeling of being excited, yet, nervous at the same time. With everything that the Lord already revealed to us, we just knew that there’s something more. And, yes, there’s so much more.

I hope I can put into words how amazing KI 2016 was. But, I guess, there are things that are only meant to be experienced in a particular moment — that only the heart can comprehend. That is how I feel. It was so life-changing that when I went home, up to this day, I have decided that I don’t want to be the same person again. I don’t want to be chained to my fears. I don’t want to be captured by my emotions. I want to live out who God says I am — His child.

One last thing to share about this trip. I realized that out of all the expenses, I only paid for the registration to the conference. Everything else — airfare, hotel accommodation, and ground fee — were covered up by the generous people who are continually sowing seeds into this whole journey of mine for furtherance of God’s kingdom. I take this as the Father’s way of telling me, “I got you covered, My child.” He is a good, good Father. ๐Ÿ’—



Now, this another conference is about to happen in July. However, I consider it as but another highlight for I have already registered and booked my flight to Incheon, Korea. I cannot believe it! I’m still trying to embrace the fact that I am going, while claiming, on the other hand that I will be granted a visa, and that there will be another seat sale for our trip going back home. Nevertheless, I am very excited!

I’d be honest, though, that a few weeks back, I struggled with whether I should go to UPRising or not. It felt like I was running away from a responsibility. Until the Lord made me come face-to-face with situations that confirmed I will be going to Korea for the UPRising. From discussions of how the youth of today is, to making me come across a local movie wherein the location is in South Korea. You can never be so funny, Lord. I love it.

You may visit www.unitedprayerrising.com for more information. There is an on-going Early Bird promo for the registration you wouldn’t want to miss!


When we had set our faith goals for this year, I thought that my 2016-prayer to the Lord is to have full dependence on Him and Him alone. Yes, it is a “dangerous” prayer. But, I know how it is to get tired from doing everything on my own. And I don’t want to go the same path again. To feel this peace and warmth of love from God is something that I wouldn’t let go of.

Will you also please have me in your prayers? I’d appreciate that a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

1 out 12 of 2016 — done! I am really excited for the 11 months of an overflow God’s favor and love. (And 11 more posts for monthly blog posts from me. :D)